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The Main Lessons are taught by Michelle Hollingsworth, Kim Morgan,  and Kate Bach, with Abigail (Gordon) Hunycutt assisting.  All are trained, certified, and/or proficient in art instruction which makes Monday’s Artists a wonderful choice to grow and nurture your student’s artistic creativity.

Over the past ten+ years, in dealing with the vast array of individual abilities, great importance and attention are given toward the balance of meeting the need of each student where they are and drawing them forward.

Each student’s ability/inability to ‘get lost’ in art, their need for physical movement in order to (re) focus, and the creation of a quiet atmosphere will be taken into account.  These ingredients are needed in order to quiet the bossy left side of the brain and guide the child’s thinking into the right side of their brain.

From the wriggly Lower Level 6 year old to the focused Upper Level 16 year old we create a rhythm to our studio times that draws forth courage to try, patience to practice, and focus to achieve.

Settings are created with purpose in order to smoothly weave lesson and medium together allowing for individual shifts and each student’s ability to attain greater depth from each lesson.

cost includes all materials

  • 12:30pm – 3:30pm $300
  • Registration Fee $30/new student or $20/returning student (non-refundable)
  • **Registration Fee holds your spot(s) until full payment is received by/before August 1st, 2017 or the class is full**


1761 Ballard Lane;       Fort Mill, SC 29715

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