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WHO WE ARE:  (now meeting on Friday)  Monday’s Artists is a fine arts enrichment program that considers the person into whom the student is maturing while offering attainable success for the child whom they are today.

  • we give specific instruction, encouragement, and direction per child
  • we teach how to utilize the right side of the brain
  • we practices observing our surrounding beauty
  • we help transfers it to paper
  • we (eventually) add personal changes and touches
  • we explore various techniques methods and mediums.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”


~Albert Einstein

Monday’s Artists goals are to introduce and expand our student’s understanding, appreciation, and capabilities in the intriguing aspects of the visual arts using various methods and materials.

These are presented with a great deal of experience, enthusiasm,  and encouragement in a conducive atmosphere that allows ample time as well as ample (individual) guidance to grow forward from one’s personal artistic level be it from being certain they cannot draw to simply needing time to dive deeper or having the gift of being naturally artistic…ky-priligy/.

By building the inner confidence in a child’s creative abilities and encouraging inner joy found through observation, understanding, and practice, our students attain a gem that holds the promise of eternal artistic ability.

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