Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a drop off program?
Yes. Some moms stay for the first class or two and then drop off once everyone is comfortable in our home/studio setting.  Many of you have been in and out of our home for years which makes it a very comfortable situation.

Is this a one year program?
We meet every other Friday afternoon for 12 weeks, but high schoolers have easily expanded to a full credit by studying and practicing at home.  Consider buying a Monday’s Artist guide to help create a full credit curriculum.  $10

Are there additional supply fees?
No.  Classroom supplies are included in your class fees.

Do we have to home educate in order to take classes?
Classes are offered during traditional school hours which makes it prohibitive to non-home schoolers.

Is there an accompanying curriculum guide? 
Yes, for some subjects.  The guide offers the grammar, definitions and further ideas to practice fine arts concepts. The guide has been created to  facilitate deeper discussion and further study with your student.  Please ask for one if you are interested. $10

What age students do you offer courses for? 
All ages.  We have even had adults (parents) take courses and participated in Studio Time!

Do you divide the children according to age?
Sort of.  We go according to ability.  Our instructors are incredible gifted at gauging each child’s ability over the first weeks as they draw them forth with instruction and encouragement.  The typical age split is 6-10 and 11-18

Can high school students earn credit for these classes?
Yes. If they only take what they have done in class it would be 1/4 credit but with a little effort at home it can easily be a whole credit and even added to create an honors course. Ask for further details.

How many students are there per class?
8 to 15 students (youngers have a pair of instructors: 1 main teacher and 1 assistant).  More students are admitted to the older aged group and less to the younger aged group.

How do I hold a spot for my chil(ren)?
Go to the Registration page and submit your registration with a non-refundable $30 per child fee. This will hold your spot until August 1st (full payment due) or the class fills.

Is this refundable should our plans change?
The Registration Fees are not refundable, class fees are refundable as long as you drop classes by/before July 15th, 2017, or you find a replacement for the spot(s) left vacant. As much as I would like to refund monies, we must be able to commit to paying our instructors for the full year.

Do we have to pay for missed classes?
Yes, we must be able to commit to paying our instructors for each class regardless of attendance levels.

Do we have to pay for classes up front?
Yes. If we cannot commit to paying our instructors their expected pay each week, we cannot expect their commitment to us to remain strong.  All of our teachers have been with us for over 5 years!

Do we have to participate in all courses?
Payment covers all classes, but you could come late or leave early as needed- if absolutely necessary.  It is not recommend.

Are there any recitals?
We will utilize a private FB page to display the children’s work.

What if my question was not answered in the FAQ sheet?
Contact me.