Course Description

To enter the realm of creation is one of the 7 hidden wonders!


  • observe and recognize lines/shapes/space,
  • shut off bossy/chattering/critical left side
  • immerse in to seeing what to draw and drawing what is seen
  • practice, train, and trick the left side to transition
  • enjoy the creativity of seeing what to draw and re-creating through drawing
  • gain skills that will develop and deepen over a lifetime
  • practice with various techniques, methodology, and mediums
  • increase artistic comfort and proficiency.

The peace-filled joy found in full immersion into the world of creativity is inexplicable.  Monday’s Artists’ primary goal is to teach seeing and creating, but the secondary goal is to teach allowing one’s self to embrace and surrender to the time it takes in order to create, master, and re-create.

MATHART-  God is as crazy about numbers, balance and patterns, as He is about you! His joy in math draws us into His world through the appreciation of lovely flowers, the proportions of chubby babies, the whirl of sea shell, and on and on and on though shape, color, and pattern!

MathArt is the study of beauty in patterns. The students will learn how to discern, understand and create symmetry, balance, and beauty through this concrete and colorful approach to conceptual math.  This will be a wonderful and safe time to explore how abstract art springboards from reality.  We will explore Fibonacci’s Sequence, the art of geometry, ratios, proportions, and more – don’t fear higher math, a 6 year old can do this as easily as a 16 year old.

WATERCOLOR – We will create our wet on wet paintings from various themes including nature studies, imagination, and still life.  Watercolor students create original colorful works that unveil all the colors of the rainbow simply by mixing mingling primary colors link do strony. Images and forms seem to jump to life whilst ‘playing’ with color.  This gentle method of painting expands the inner confidence and creativity within any person, let alone child, and is often used in therapeutic settings for its ability to gently draw out our inner emotions through color and soft form.

OTHERS-  Oil pastel, chalk pastel, ink, 3 D art, project based art, and more.